Photo: Brian Federle, Palm Springs Dawn, December 2016

daybreak, still limbs lace
to gray sky, wait for the next
storm to shake open

morning, still sleeping
shuttered windows conceal the
cold face of daybreak.

(2012, 2017)


Breaking Silence


It is not speaking that breaks our silence,
but the anxiety to be heard. Thomas Merton

In chilled twilight swells
the chorus overwhelming
echoing passion,

half of water, half
of leafy bank, the night they
fill with lusty will,

persistent, straining
these marshland poets converge,
anxious to be heard.

March Rain


March rain, thick mists drip
from grey branches, glowing grass,
rising like fire.

Buds bursting in slow
motion, unclenched, learn to trust
that green spring will stay.

spring storm


duck_creek_lightning_night_landscapes__landscapes__516a30523d1ce40d4ca6ea601f2cf40bDuck Creek Lightning Night, 2012, oil on linen
V…Vaughn (used by permission)

night drops suddenly

birds, nervous, slip into eves,

silenced; a stone drops.

peace be on this stream.

slidingsong of rainsoaked creek,

rising moon, refreshed.