The Narrow Road


The narrow road
flows down the valley,
past hedge row, vineyard, orchard,

red farmhouses and
white mansions;

their black fences are lines
defining isolation

from grey shacks decaying
where rough life once rejoiced!

I enter our little cemetery
where you wait
for my simple gifts…..

home-grown flowers,
a prayer,
a tear.

I’ll visit again


8 thoughts on “The Narrow Road

  1. That’s so hard, dealing with the various “arrangements”. Arlie was just cremated last week and his dad picked up the ashes yesterday. They’ll be scattered on Mt Rainier in mid August. My older son and his step sister are taking care of this, thankfully. Arlie would be turning 45 on the 29th of this month. That’s going to be a really rough day to get through…. I know you too have these kinds of special days that will be as hard. My thoughts are with you in the sharing of these difficult times.

    • I have been, and continue to include you in my prayers. Brian’s wife, Kaela, is having a very tough time. They were together 10 years, and got married one year ago this Sunday. So much heartache. Keep writing your poems! They are a comfort (I’ll write too).

  2. I am amazed by your poetry these days, Steven. It is so honest, but still shows the beauty of the earth and the power of remembrance. Ethel and I have been thinking about you, my friend, and we keep saying prayers. Please be well. This is a difficult time.

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