Driving home
the rain lashes our car,
waves slash the road.

Like blood running,
red blurs stream
from tail-lights.

The anger of the sky,
grief unleashed
consumes all the world.

Hands clasped
on the steering wheel,
I guide us home

where we remember
you are gone.

Tears stream
down our window


8 thoughts on “Storm

    • Thank you, Betty. I never knew such pain as this. I’ve lost my parents over the years, but losing a child is unimaginable. I appreciate your prayers.

      • Steven, I’ve always heard there is no loss greater than losing a child (no matter their age). As Thomas says, I know there is nothing anyone can say to alleviate the pain right now. My heart goes out to you, and I hope there are times (or there will be) when you can feel your son’s presence and love. Wishing you peace and comfort…

      • Thanks, Betty. What you’ve heard is true… perhaps losing a spouse may be worse. Brian’s mother, wife, and I form a very sorrowful and exclusive club.

  1. It seems so trite and inadequate to click ‘like’ but you know what we all mean: a strong desire to express some element of condolence however foolishly. Your lines are, in themselves, most eloquent of grief and most beautifully written. With best wishes and deep sympathy, John.

  2. Keep writing, Steven. It’s all that helped me get through our ordeal with Kevin. I don’t know why, but it focuses the mind even though the pain is endless. This is, of course, as John says, elegant with grief.

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