I will be there always
even though you don’t know me.

My life will shine in your eyes,
O child of my child.

With your small, quick breaths
I will breathe again,
and when you cry
my faithful heart will again break.

So look for me in the still, high trees;
the green brilliance of the winking sun
will be our secret signal.

You don’t know me, but
your soul, your golden love,
your fears and hopes
I will keep safe in my heart,

and in the soft wind will I sing to you
O beautiful child.
I will guard you
as you play.

Look up at dancing spring clouds
and shout your joy skyward
to me!

(8 December 2010)


9 thoughts on “Lovesong

  1. Reblogged this on Caddo Veil and commented:
    Steven is a poet heads above the rest, in my considered opinion. I encourage you to visit his blog–every poem is 5-Star, and this one had me in tears, it’s so beautiful and deeply moving. God bless you, Steve–and everyone who reads this. Much love, sis Caddo

  2. Thanks, Steve–I’ve reblogged; and I hope you don’t mind that I printed out a copy, just for my own file–it just tugs at me so, and I’ll want to reread it.

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