Full from the feast
table laded
with fragrant dressing,
steam of onion and celery,
tender turkey and
five kinds of pies

The family gathered.
My parents smiled
at our busy banter
and sisters nudging and
teasing, beaming
in the glow
of that happy day
so long ago.

Now you and I gather
our sons around us;
again we pause, pray
and eat the bounty
of this bright Thanksgiving Day.

They say that some things,

kind hearts,
hearty laughs,
enduring love

are so good
they persist long down
the thankful


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. This is an idea that always draws me in, Steven, the thought that what we do in the present moment links the generations together in one way or another, creating the fabric of humankind. We live in an age where greed is considered the ultimate good by too many people, and this poem reminds us that greed is not what is truly important. What is important is a family tradition that ties one generation to the next back into the mists of where each of us came from through ancestor we have no conception of having existed. This is a simple, direct expression of that idea. I wish we could have the world understand what this poem expresses.

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