We Must Believe


We must all believe in love and in peace.
We must believe in the power of love. Thomas Merton

Peace fills this house
as I alone awake and hear
the sounds of easy breathing,
the morning birds, striving
with rising dawn, singing
in the sun with piercing song,

while in the great distance
beyond the gentle flame of sunrise
anger rages.

The birds of Homs are silent.

Waning day swells
with the wails of

They cradle the innocents,
caught in the cross-fire
of a Assad’s evil greed.

Thy will be done.

Though I cannot understand
I must believe
in your powerful love,
your infinite


2 thoughts on “We Must Believe

  1. The benefits of peace filling individual homes are so obvious you have to wonder why a Homs ever becomes so chilling, or why humans like the Assads are driven to create a society so restrictive that explosions are bound to happen, but, of course, the idea that it cannot happen here, tearing apart individual lives, is not true. Humans can twist about anything. The other day the Wisconsin Republican Congressman, Paul Ryan, was out and about bragging that his budget, which cuts funding for the poor and disabled while increasing the take of the national income by the rich, was inspired by his Catholic faith. So Jesus Christ directed us all to take from the poor to give to the rich? That is not how I read the New Testament at all. Still, that, apparently, is what one of our most important political leaders believes. Faith has to be strong to weather the ironies replete in living.

    • I don’t believe in the same kind of Catholicism that Ryan believes in…. I think he has a serious problem with Jesus’s real message. Christ said very little about sexuality or taxes or deficits… but he talked all the time about social justice, healing the sick and feeding the hungry. He was executed by an unjust government. People like Ryan need to stop claiming Christ as a justification (ok…putting my soapbox away now).

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