Joshua Tree


As surely as God is trustworthy,
His clouds will rise in the desert sky
pillaring, muttering thunder
while close by, hot winds
blast the manzanita,
throw bright mica
at slick rock walls,
and bend low
the Joshua tree
with His mighty

We thought that all was lost,
that God, once denied,
would refuse to hear
our thirsty prayer;

but know you this:
His nature
is all


AN: Ref. Second Corinthians 1:18-19


2 thoughts on “Joshua Tree

  1. This is cleverly composed to offer a shaped poem, and I see you have done this before. I have attempted it once – just once! – and I know how tricky it is to accomplish. It’s not enough to contrive a shape, is it? There has to be a convincing poem as well (as there is of course here).

  2. A concrete poem, Steven! Wow. Those are hard to accomplish. The poem itself does not bend to the concreteness of the three arrowheads pointing down into the earth. I suspect the shape is an expression of the trilogy. The last stanza is magnificent.. He is all yes.

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